Collectors Edition Artist

Sylvester van den Hengel

To create from out of own authenticity I had to go back to my childhood where I found my dedication in art.

My father, a great Artist: Ben van den Hengel; my biggest role model to this day. As a child I was *always inspired by* what my father was able to create. I was totally stunned by how he was able to give the (paintings/drawings) life and meaning. Since 2020 discovering the WimhofMethod also gave new impact and meaning in the process of creating Arts, in multiple Virtues.

Collectors Edition Artist comes from a deep Passion. After being through some intense experiences in the past, something happened in creating art. 

I’m fascinated to draw ‘real,’ Sweet and Raw.

Sometimes people came over to get their drawing, and they start crying. ‘Thats him, unbelievable’…..  ‘I don’t know how to thank you, this is more than a Drawing.’ 

Well, every time this happens it gives me chillings. It’s like the customer is not only complementing me for Art skills, but also something else, in the way of deeper Visualizing the Person, or Animal, in which they were, or which they are. And that one goes much deeper. I’m Thankfull for it.

It would be a shame to not create the opportunity. For you also, to Buy your Inspirational figures or loved one(s), a piece of it in Art. To get inspired by your own Icon, loved ones, up close, daily, with his or her Character trades. In your Mancave, Entrance or Office.

Sylvester van den Hengel


Collectors Edition Artist
Sylvester van den Hengel
3892 AS Zeewolde
The Netherlands

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