CArl G. Jung


part 1/3



The Iceman. Hof

This artwork is made in the Emotional character trades of the icon. Characters intensity is composed with 3D effects, 

Living Legend, Wim Hof, The Iceman.

With Legacy Worldwide; showing and teaching the Power of the Ice and Breath, along with his instructors.
Saving and Improving millions of lives to those, who are couragefull like to dare your Method.
Which is also supported and proven with Scientific Research, for your personal wellbeing in Physical and mental Health, to improve.
To breathe, to take the ice.⚡️
One of my biggest inspirations, improved my life, on Daily basis. Also with big influence in my craft, creating the Arts in the process of it. Having huge impact on my paintings.


pencil drawing /  Black and White / Graphite


Size: 42×29,7 cm / Canson Paper / 160 grams


Living Legend, Iceman Hof

Carl G. Jung Series_ The Iceman pt 1 of 3


Collectors Edition Artist
Sylvester van den Hengel
3892 AS Zeewolde
The Netherlands

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