Valhalla Series

part 1/3



The Legend


This artwork is made in the Emotional character trades of the icon.


Characters intensity is composed with 3D effects, Acryl, Burned Newspaper, the Metal Emblem, also 3D effects on his Eyes, with the Burned-out drawing of his eyes. The Scar pops out, as well as his Eyes. So he comes ‘Towards you, when you stand in front of the Artpiece.


Pastel / Burned pencil drawing /  Color Pencil / Acryl / Black Ink / Burned Newspaper / Metal, Canvas on Woods


Size: 60x40cm / Stretched cotton
Winson & Newton /



Worldwide delivery / Send in 48 hours  


Art Process 


Sketching on the canvas, with 3B- 6B graphite pencil

Creating and Burning

Drawing with pastel pencil on Illustration Paper. Then burning it in a flow.


After the placement of burned Newspaper. Creating the colour underlayer with Acryl.

Acryl Layercake

Creating the Character layer by layer. This piece has a total of 6 layers.

Collectors Edition Artist Branding

Placing the metal branding, with unremovable placement material.

The Legend

Valhalla Series  1 of 3


Collectors Edition Artist
Sylvester van den Hengel
3892 AS Zeewolde
The Netherlands

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