CArl G. Jung


part 1/3



Jordan B. Peterson

This artwork is made in the Emotional character trades of the icon. Characters intensity is composed with 3D effects, 

Living legend✍️🏻 Jordan B Peterson

Trilogy: part 1/3 ‘The Masters, Legends of Dark into Light.’
(Carl G. Jung series)
Living Legend and clinical psychologist, author.
To many known for visions with, mastering “the Beast’ inside, and principles. With true Legacy and Saviors, improver of Mans life, all over the world, driven by highly Intellectual Vision. ‘You should be a monster, and then. Learn to control it.’ 
Personally reaches to my core, with many on his insights. Like on how to deal with scars due earlier in my life, and to handle them as they are.

To use that pain in forward to discipline yourself, enjoy, personal vision, into authenticity and enjoy living life at its fullest.

pencil drawing /  Black and White / Graphite


Size: 42×29,7 cm / Canson Paper / 160 grams


Living Legend, Jordan B Peterson

Carl G. Jung Series_ B Peterson pt 1 of 3


Collectors Edition Artist
Sylvester van den Hengel
3892 AS Zeewolde
The Netherlands

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