CArl G. Jung


Trilogy piece, 3/3



Joe Rogan

This artwork is made in the Emotional character trades of the icon. Characters intensity is composed with 3D effects, 

Living Legend, Joe Rogan.

With Legacy Worldwide; with his platform @ the Joe Rogan Experience. Legendary ex-MMA fighter, and comedyman. Now inspiring the World with his podcast, and making you laugh with @comedymothership


With bringing of messages of curiousity, and facts beyond average.




pencil drawing /  Black and White / Graphite


Size: 42×29,7 cm / Canson Paper / 160 grams


Living Legend, Joe Rogan

Carl G. Jung Series_ Joe Rogan pt 3 of 3

One Legend Holding Another Legend.

Carl G. Jung Series_ Joe Rogan pt 3 of 3


Collectors Edition Artist
Sylvester van den Hengel
3892 AS Zeewolde
The Netherlands

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